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JAMF Software

Macprofessionals has been an authorized Reseller and certified Integrator for JAMF Software since 2006. JAMF Software leverages Macprofessionals engineering talent to deliver a special professional service called the JumpStart. During a JumpStart, a certified Integrator will work with JAMF customers to install, configure, and integrate the Casper Suite seamlessly into the customers environment. We provide hands-on training for the IT staff, discuss new and existing workflows for each customer’s specific environment, build packages and scripts, and help the customer design, setup, and configure the initial Casper Suite environment. Our engineer are leverage because they have extensive experience around the Apple platform, building images, writing scripts, MDM expertise, and deep knowledge around the iOS and Mac OS ecosystem.

Our engineers travel across the US delivering JumpStarts for JAMF Software. For a detailed list of what is exactly included in a JumpStart, please see Casper program info located here:
  • Client JAMF Software
  • Date January 1, 2005
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