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Public Library iPad Checkout Solution

Aging desktops are being replaced with much smaller mobile devices, allowing users to sit anywhere and have privacy they need. This system allows visitors to check out iPads, surf the web, check email, use research applications, dictionaries, thesauruses, calculators, encyclopedias, medical apps, job search apps, ebook programs, and more. On check-in the iPads are erased, a backup restored, and fully configured for the next user.The secure, lockable Sync Dock provides charging power simultaneously to every device (10) in the tray. And when connected to the Mac Mini, the tray will automatically erase and reconfigure the iPads. Remote setup involves working a library representative to remotely set up your solution.We configure the Mac, build your “perfect” iPad with the security restrictions, apps, and user experience you desire, and provision the 10 iPads. We teach you the process and support you if you need assistance down the road.

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  • 10 iPads 16GB/Wi-Fi
  • Secure Charging Tray
  • Apple Mac Mini
  • Display and Keyboard
  • AUP Lock Screen
  • Remote Setup
  • Consulting
  • Documentation
  • Remote Support
  • Laser Engraving

Adding iPads to your library presents wonderful opportunities for research and learning, and allows libraries to recover valuable floor space occupied by PCs. But iPads also introduce unique management challenges. Securing, erasing, distributing apps, ensuring seamless network operation, troubleshooting, and continuing library use all demand time and experience. Successful use in the library typically requires knowledge of iTunes, Apple IDs, iOS, and Apple Configurator.

We work with you to determine what applications and settings best suit the library’s mission or the iPad use case. Then we deliver a fully configured Mac Mini, and ready to use iPads to your library. This includes joining the wireless network, applying settings, installing free and paid apps, icon placement, web clips, custom lock screen, acceptable use policy screen, and more.

iPads can be checked out and upon return the iPads are erased and fully restored to the original designed setup, ensuring that any personal data used during checkout is erased. Macprofessionals handles all management of your iPad Checkout stations. Your staff can make requests by phone or email and our help desk (open 7x16x365) can remotely control the Mac Mini and make the necessary changes they desire. Library staff no longer have to be experts with the tools, they can simply request an application be installed or removed and we can handle the rest. Problems with syncing, restores, maintenance, hardware troubleshooting, AirPlay, printing, and much more can be handled by our team.

The power sync dock provides charging power simultaneously to the 10 iPads in the tray. and the security lid locks into place with a user- programmable security lock, to help keep your iPads safe when not being used.

We also provide laser engraving that adds an extra level of protection. The engraved logo is an effective anti-theft strategy, encouraging return and deterring theft. It’s also a perfect opportunity for library branding.

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